Sustainable Software Design for Very Small Organizations (Nachhaltiges Softwaredesign für sehr kleine Organisationen)



Stefanie Lehmann, Hans-Knud Arndt






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Very small organizations rarely use software to organize their business processes, because there are comparatively few known solutions for their particular problems. On the one hand, these software solutions are often associated with high costs and on the other hand, particularly very small organizations do not have enough resources to find suitable solutions. These organizations miss a lot of opportunities: Through the use of the Information and Communication Technique (ICT) business processes can be processed not only resource-efficient due to reduced paper consumption. The ICT also helps to make business processes more efficient. To find such a sustainable software solution for very small organizations, requirements are identified. To determine a structure for such software to document business processes, it is important to apply design aspects for the implementation of the software. A definition of such design aspects can be achieved by the properties of a sheet of paper, which help to organize business processes in very small organizations. By analogy of the dominant metaphor of paper we specify requirements of sustainable software design for very small organizations.