Competence- and Design-oriented Courses in the Study of Environmental Informatics to improve Sustainable Teaching (Kompetenz- und designorientierte Kurse im Studium der Umweltinformatik zur Verbesserung nachhaltiger Lehre)



Lehmann, Stefanie; Arndt, Hans-KnudĀ 






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Sustainable solutions result from the synergy between the three sectors market, technology and design. In the field of sustainable teaching, these three sectors also play a crucial role. Content of the study on environmental informatics is the imparting of knowledge of different expertise in fields of subject-specific knowledge and methods, the project management and interdisciplinary knowledge. With the completion of this education, the environmental informatics specialist has the ability to implement solutions for his customers efficiently and effectively. So far, within the course of studies, the sector of design just slightly plays a role. However, this is one of the guaranties that sustainable solutions for teaching will be implemented, whereby a reduction in costs and an increase in customer satisfaction during and after the implementation process of an environmental information system is influenced crucially. It is now to be clarified which competencies should be taught in a new design-oriented approach for the study of environmental informatics.