Incentive Systems for Waste Separation and Waste Prevention at Festivals in the Camping Area (Anreizsysteme zur Mülltrennung und Müllreduzierung auf Festivals im Campingbereich)



Lehmann, Stefanie; Arndt, Hans-KnudĀ 






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At outdoor festivals, a lot of garbage is created. This not only brings a high environmental burden, but also high costs of its disposal. The increased cost of garbage disposal is shifted from year to year to festival visitors, which is reflected in rising ticket prices for the festival visit. Most of the garbage is generated in the area of the campsites (Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit, 2013). In order to counteract the increased expenditure on waste disposal, some festivals have introduced the garbage deposit. Here, visitors are given cash when they deliver their filled refuse bags to the collecting station. This incentive system, however, presents considerable disadvantages from the point of view of environmental pollution: the visitors are trying to get their garbage bags fully filled and also throw away reusable items. Furthermore, only very few providers are aware that waste separation is taking place. The biggest step so far is to separate bulky waste and other garbage from each other. In times of recycling, this is not enough, because here opportunities are missed with known methods to achieve a lower environmental impact. A separate category is the food, which is purchased in excess for the visit of a festival and then it is not consumed. Mostly the visitors arrange themselves here and pile their remains to small towers, hoping another visitor would still need it. But most of the time, especially at the end of a festival, only the evacuation vehicles are left, which flatten all waste, including the food. While foodsharing refrigerators have already been introduced and established in other areas of life, festivals have also missed the opportunity to spare these resources. The following questions are now emerging: Which methods and incentive systems will encourage visitors to leave less waste? Because the garbage, especially in the camping area of a festival, can not be completely avoided, the following questions have to be answered: How can visitors be motivated to separate their garbage? Which technical aids are needed or wich technical means can have a supporting effect? The first approaches to sensitizing the visitor to low-threshold offers, the provision of an information system and the gamification are presented below.