Improving Environmentally Relevant Aspects of Internal Company Processes by Blended Learning and Ticketing System at the Workplace (Verbesserung der umweltrelevanten Aspekte unternehmensinterner Prozesse durch Blended Learning und ein Ticketsystem am Arbeitsplatz)



Stefanie Lehmann, Patrick Pickel, Hans-Knud Arndt






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In order to find a suitable corporate strategy for a sustainable economy, there are different value chain models. Many of the models not only neglect environmental aspects, they also focus more on external influencing factors and neglect internal employees and processes. While the company deliberately selects suppliers that supply sustainably produced resources, and also strives for environmentally friendly disposal during production itself, the company's internal environmental criticism suffers. Within the company, training on environmentally relevant topics is only neglected and dismissed by expensive workshops. With the help of a blended learning approach to sensitize environmentally critical aspects of the company and a ticketing system for the reporting of environmentally relevant events, the environmental policy should be improved within the company. With the help of such a system, not only individual employees are trained as specialists in the company to the environmental officer, but every employee strives for a sustainable corporate strategy. This new in-house approach will be anchored in the PESTEL model and linked to the Porter value chain, integrating an additional supportive, environmentally-oriented dimension.