A four-quadratic view in adopting Sustainable cloud storage service



Mediboina, Jayakumar



Lehmann, Stefanie






The product sustainability has been growing a major discipline in all organizations like from energy, processing industry, information & communication technology (ICT), textile etc. Although, there are several measures has been taken in order to sustain their product by the Manufactures but still it is failing in a long live due to the regular changes in the customer Interests. The main key success factor for any manufacturer whether it is energy, telecommunications, ICT will come through only by predicting customer interests otherwise it cannot be sustained under this dynamic environment. Coming to information & communication technology (ICT) this prediction is furthermore a challenging task as they vary in the form of technical features, economic-cost, social-safety & security over the period of time. So, it is clear that the sustainability of product cannot be defined in any one- or two-dimensional customer interests rather it needs to full fill the objectives of four dimensions technical, social, economic & environment evenly. During the last three decades, the development and usage of the ICT products Integration into every business domains is at very large scale. Out of these products, the cloud storage services are one of the most adoptable products for the organizations as files can be accessed from anywhere, easy development in it, time & money savings. But in contrast to advantages, due to the recent data breach incidents on the cloud services it raises a question from the customers How it can be sustained under this environment in securing the data. The main clause of shifting the business process from local storage to cloud storage by the customer is to secure the data. Failing in this aspect causes a drop-in sustainability as it is no longer a adaptable product for the customer. The main aim of this study is to investigate the goal & techniques used in four dimensions: technical, social, economic & environment in the process of adopting a sustainable cloud storage services by the users. In this study the objectives of each dimension are described very well in problematic structure based on the issues faced by the user in the recent years. Along with this, the factors & techniques required in achieving the goals of four dimensions is illustrated in descriptive way with examples by taking legal laws, protocols, case study results, Interview opinion, reviews, recent literatures. Finally, a case study & flow chart is developed for user to give an idea for choosing sustainable cloud services.




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