Optimizing Service Operations of Oragnizations through Business Process Management



Soufan, Wajeh



Arndt, Hans-Knud






Today’s competitive market makes businesses more dependent on their ability to react to changes, and adjust their processes to the new requirements and continuously improve their processes. In this environment, it is a major challenge for organizations to transform their operation and reach their goals easily when facing the different challenges. In order to achieve this, many organizations try to improve their Business Process continuously from different aspects. In this context, Business Process Management supports organizations in optimizing, controlling and maintaining organization’s business processes and way of work. Since Business Process Management is a wide topic influenced by many other concepts and encompasses various approaches that determine its constancy. Process improvement is one of them. This thesis concentrates on process improvement utilization within Business Process Management, and how to successfully implement the appropriate environment for process improvement. Although the available literature specified to improving the Business Processes and the critical success factors of improving the Business Processes suggests that the literature is still researching for new factors that ensures the application of the Business Process Improvement, where some studies have shown that companies still fail in applying a process improvement tool. This study will form a Framework based on the new founded critical success factors, where this framework aims at showing how the new founded success factors can be integrated and used within the company and with the basic factors already in the literature.




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