Using Internet Technologies and Web Services for Sustainability Reporting: Research Initiative, Agenda, Early Results. In: Hryniewicz, O./Studziński, J./Romaniuk, M. (Eds.): Environmental Informatics and System Research (21rst International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection, Warsaw 2007, 12.09.-14.09.2007), Aachen, 2007, pp. 63-70



Isenmann, Ralf/Arndt, Hans-Knud/Brosowski, Jan/Marx-Gómez, Jorge/Schappert, Monika






Artikel in Konferenzband



The paper provides an outline of a research initiative embedded in the environmental informatics community focused on the use of environmental informatics methods and the application of current internet technologies and services with the goal to improve sustainability reporting at corporate level. The outline includes the research agenda and a research map as an illustration covering the different facets of research and implementation as well as further developments that will be dealt with in the near future. The paper is organised in four major parts: First, the early history of the research initiative on internet-based sustainability reporting and major milestones are described with the help of current literature in the field. Based on the above, the research agenda and primary objectives are presented. Such a catalogue of issues seems useful for clarifying the focus of the whole enterprise and perhaps for an evaluation what has been achieved and where further work needs to be done. A research map of the cooperation network provides the whole picture the initiative is focused on. It particularly illustrates the domains in environmental in-formatics and corporate sustainability reporting that are of relevance to achieve the objectives set in the research agenda. Further, a current project is described. Finally, conclusions are drawn and an outlook is given on how sustainability reporting might evolve in the near future and where to support the develop-ments through ICT.