Sustainability of Information and Communication Systems (ICS). In: Wohlgemuth, V./Page, B./Voigt, K. (Eds.): Environmental Informatics and Industrial Environmental Protection (23rd International Conference Informatics for Environmental Protection, EnviroInfo HTW Berlin 2009, 09.09.-11.09.2009), Vol. 1, Aachen, 2009, pp. 67-74



Arndt, Hans-Knud/Lau, Sandra/Strehl, Andreas






Artikel in Konferenzband



Sustainability of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is one of the main goals of today. The SAP AG phrases this task in the following way: “SAP is committed to improving its own operations to become more sustainable and to delivering customer solutions to improve sustainability on a grand scale.” (SAP AG 2009) Sustainability is first of all related with aspects of economic, environmental and social impacts of organizations (enterprises, service suppliers, administration, academia etc.). Nowadays there is an intensive research in the field of sustainability of information and communication technologies. Mainly the “Green IT”-movement is to be taking into account in this context, which has developed an own industrial-specific trend in this field, yet. But the principle of entirety is to be considered in his classical meaning and therefore sustainability has to be essen-tially drawn to immaterial goods too – without be limited to that. Hence, we will present a first approach named “Grand Management Information Design” which centers sustainability of information and communication systems (ICS) – on the immaterial layer.